How to open bios in windows amd mac pc

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Basic Input/Output System or BIOS, as we know it, is the built-in core processor software. It is the motherboard of your system. It controls the booting of your system and acts as a catalyst for the functions of your PC. The system manages the data flow between the OS and attached devices like mouse, hard drive, printer, keyboard, video adapter, etc.

It is stored on a memory chip that retains data when you turn off the system. When you turn on your PC, BIOS goes through a process to determine if the attached devices are in the proper place and running properly. The process is called Power-On Self Test, or POST.

If everything is fine, your system starts as usual. And if it detects a problem, you will see an error screen or beeping sounds, indicating there is something wrong with your

Opening BIOS in Windows 7 is a little complicated as compared to Windows 10.

Follow the steps below to open the BIOS menu in Windows 7:

#1) Turn off your system. In Windows 7, you can only open the BIOS before you see the logo of MS Windows 7.

#2) Turn on your system and press the BIOS key combination. Different brands use different BIOS keys. Modern motherboards usually use the DEL key.

If you have no idea about the hotkey for your computer, try to look if a message comes up during the reboot telling you which key to press for entering BIOS. Or, you can hit the function keys. The DEL key, enter key, or the ESC key. Usually, it is one of these keys. Here’s a list of BIOS hotkeys by brand. And do not release the function key until you see the BIOS screen display.

Boot from usb or other device in mac

Backup your data on external device and restart your mac at the time of restarting, insert your windows or bootable mac os usb ,

press and hold option key till you did dot get booting option on screen and select boot from usb or other device. And complete your installation.